Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sony Vaio VGN-NR11M: replacing hard drive.

  1. Turn the laptop upside down. Get the screw holding the RAM cover out. Unclip the cover and put it away.
  2. Take out all remaining 17 screws from the bottom part of the shell. Leave the three screws sitting under the battery alone. Gently lift the cover up. The bottom part of the shell should separate from the top part now.

  3. The hard drive is located in the bottom right corner. Take out two more screws, one holding a laptop and another one holding the USB hub.

  4. Move the USB hub away to facilitate hard drive removal.

  5. Put the new hard drive in and perform all the steps in reverse order.


Anonymous said...

do you know, if the harddisk is connected by usb 2.0 or native by sata?
My speed measurements shows values below 30mb/s - due to usb2.0 connect?
If so, faster hdd will have no speed-benefit.
Thanks in advance for more info

Anonymous said...

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