Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[solved] SGE401 invalid kernel system halted

Can not boot into the Operating System.

Error message:
SGE401: invalid kernel.
System halted.

Root cause:
Corrupted or manipulated MBR/Partition table. SGEasy Encryption software could not properly load the decryptor part stored in the boot sector (the "kernel") and hangs up.

  • Reinstall Windows,
  • Switch to Linux/FreeBSD and make sure to install the Bootloader onto the MBR.

In simple terms this will most likely require a fresh installation of a system. If the problem "just happened" overnight (without you manipulating anything) chances are that your hard-drives life time is going to an end.

If you care about the data on the computer you need to ask SafeGuard Easy for a decryption CD and you must know the encryption passphrase for your hard drive. Leave it running for the night and try to pull the data off e.g. booting from a LiveCD.

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